State of Qatar is an independent sovereign state located in the middle of the west coast of Arabian Gulf. It has maritime and land borders with Saudi Arabia and it has also maritime boundaries with Bahrain, United Arab Emirates and Iran. The State of Qatar which has a dry desert climate is stretched as a peninsula on the length of 200 km and width of 100 km. The total land area of the state is 11,850 square kilometers including a number of islands and coral reefs.Land Area:The total land area of Qatar is approximately 11,521 square kilometers.


Qatar is a peninsula located halfway down the west coast of the Arabian Gulf. Its territory comprises a number of islands including Halul, Sheraouh, Al-Ashat and others.


The terrain is flat and rocky with some low-rising limestone outcrops in Dukhan area in the west and Jabal Fiwairit in the north. It is characterized by a variety of geographical phenomena including many coves, inlets, depressions and surface rainwater-draining basins known as riyadh (the gardens), which are found mainly in the north and central part of the peninsula. These areas have the most fertile soil and are rich in vegetation.


The white colour reflects the internationally recognized symbol of peace.

The maroon colour symbolizes the bloodshed during the several wars Qatar had undergone, particularly in the second half of the 19th century.

The nine-point serrated line indicates that Qatar is the 9th member of the "reconciled Emirates" of the Arabian Gulf in the wake of concluding the Qatari-British treaty in 1916. This information on design and colour of Qatar flag was mentioned in the

Archives of the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1931.

Local Time: 3 hours + Greenwich Mean Time

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